Online module for people with mild to moderate depression

Who is it for?

This module is suitable for adults (18 years +) who experience mild to moderate depression and wish to overcome it.

What is the module about?

The goal of the module is for the client to acknowledge and challenge unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. In addition the client learns to replace unhelpful thoughts and behaviour with more helpful and healthy ones in order to lift their mood and reduce their depressive symptoms. Find out more about how online solutions can help behavioural change.

A screenshot taken in our depression module Creating an upward spiral with our module developed for dealing with depression

All 6 sessions (as well as the ‘Welcome’ session) include psycho-education and a doodle clip in which psycho-education is explained in a more elaborate manner. This information is then applied through exercises completed by the client. Optional sessions are available if the client requires additional support. This helps you to deliver a more personalised and seamless treatment programme to your client.

What are the sessions within the module?

  1. Welcome
  2. What’s been going on?
  3. How active are you?
  4. How helpful are your thoughts
  5. Challenge your negative thoughts
  6. Let’s build on the positives!
  7. Focus on the future”

Optional/additional seamless sessions:

  1. Time to get active!
  2. Release the tension
  3. A good night’s sleep

Which diaries work well with this module?

The module can be combined with all generic diaries or with diaries that fit the goal of the client, for example the Emotion diary.

One of the animations developed to help people cope with their depression.

How has this module been developed?

The module has been developed in close co-operation with an expert panel of therapists and patients. The Minddistrict team familiarises itself with cutting-edge research and the most recent evidence-based practices. Relevant literature is taken into account during the development. If you would like to know more about this module, please contact the clinical lead responsible for e-health within your organisation or practice.

The module is step 2 IAPT compliant using low intensity CBT and has been assessed as part of NICE's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Programme.

IAPT module

There is a version of this module available especially for IAPT-services. In this version the Minimum Data Set is interwoven throughout the module.