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STEPPS for emotional intensity (EI)

A clinically effective module for managing intense emotions

Developed in partnership with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, an evidence-based digitised version of the group STEPPS-EI treatment, for people who experience difficulties managing intense emotions.

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In short

  • Adults, youth
  • Module

What is the module about?

Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving for Emotional Intensity (STEPPS-EI) is a practical, evidence-based intervention for people who experience difficulties managing intense emotions. The intervention provides participants with DBT and CBT informed skills to manage intense emotions and how to use them to manage self-destructive behaviour and relationships.

Originally a paper-based group treatment, STEPPS-EI is now available as a blended, digital, group intervention - where the interactive resources are available via this platform, to use alongside the weekly group sessions (session plans are provided).

It is designed to be typically delivered as a 13-week group intervention (with a friends and family module which can be delivered online or as a 14th group session) for individuals with below diagnostic threshold Borderline Personality Disorder / Emotionally Unstable Personality disorder.

Who is this module suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for adults and young people who have traits of Borderline Personality disorder / EUPD but do not meet the diagnostic criteria or are on the mild end of the diagnostic continuum and/or have a personality difficulty . Mental health services who have patients in this population can offer this as a blended, digital group intervention.

How has this module been developed?

This module is a digitised version of the STEPPS-EI paper-based treatment, which has been proven to be feasible/clinically effective in decreasing symptoms (Barber et al, 2021).

In 2021, delivery of the digitised version of STEPPS-EI commenced in primary care service in Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT). An evaluation of the digitised version, conducted by SPFT and the University of Sussex (Drews-Windeck, 2022), found increased recruitment, retention and attendance rates (compared to the paper based version), improved quality of life scores (measured via the ReQoL) and a reduction in symptoms (measured via the BSL-23), indicating that digital STEPPS EI is clinically efficacious.

Click here for more information on the evaluation.

More information

If you're interested to find out more about the digitised version of STEPPS-EI, the results of the feasbility study or how your healthcare service might use this intervention, please use the contact button below, and we'd be happy to discuss in more detail.

You can also read more about our collaboration on this project with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

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