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War in Ukraine: Dealing with worry and anxiety

Help for dealing with uncertainty about the Ukraine conflict

The current war taking place in Ukraine is worrying for many people. Situations like this can impact some people more than others: they can suffer from uncertainty, fears or anxiety and/or ruminate. How can they cope with the situation?

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In short

  • Adults
  • Self-help
  • Suitable for the app

What is the content of the module?

In this self-help online module, people learn more about how their body and mind react to exceptional situations, such as the current conflict in Ukraine.

The module contains tips on how to deal with uncertainty and anxiety in the current situation. It also includes psycho-education about fear and anxiety, information about acceptance and resilience, and ways in which people can take action themselves. Suggestions about sleep, night-time habits and self-care are also included.

How can you use the module?

'War in Ukraine: Dealing with worry and anxiety' is a self-help module, meaning that patients can work through the module at their own pace. Therapists can easily assign this module to a patient's account. If the module is activated on a provider's platform, their clients can also start the module themselves directly from the self-help catalogue.

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