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Apply for a research grant using this quotation preview

Minddistrict cares greatly about growing the body of research on digital interventions. This is why we offer our research licences at a reduced rate. We add our content management system to this licence, free of charge, offering researchers the possibility of creating their own, brand new content.

Follow the steps below to receive the quotation preview in an e-mail. It's a suitable justification document for a grant application. If you're planning on doing research outside of the UK or EU, please contact us first.

  1. For what period would you like to use the licence?

  2. How many client accounts would be needed?

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  3. Do you want to use video calling?

  4. Before applying...

    • This quotation assumes you won't need any support from our intervention developers when developing your own content.
    • You are obligated to use our platform solely for research purposes, not for healthcare.

    If you would like help from our intervention developers and/or would like to use the platform for healthcare, that's not a problem, please contact us!

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  6. Confirmation

    We'll send you the following overview, as part of the quotation preview.

    Products/services Period Price per unit Total
    Research licence
    (max 600 client accounts)
    ${duration} year €${packages[package].price | currency(locale)} €${packages[package].price * duration | currency(locale)}
    Video calling ${duration} year ${packages.video.price | currency(locale)} €${packages.video.price * duration | currency(locale)}
    Training CMS
    (per professional)
    3 parts of day €${packages.training.price | currency(locale)} €${packages.training.price | currency(locale)}
    €${ (packages[package].price * duration) + packages.training.price + (has_video ? (packages.video.price * duration) : 0) | currency(locale)}
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