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Messaging app: the next step in mobile e-health

Send messages in the Minddistrict app Featuring since October: sending messages within the Minddistrict app. Easy, just like other messaging apps, but safely within Minddistrict. The next step in mobile e-health. Because it’s not just a messaging feature, it opens a whole set of other mhealth possibilities

Mobile messages: ‘e-mailing really is a thing of the past!’

Sending messages in Minddistrict had been a feature all along. ‘But with the message feature in the app, care providers and clients can communicate easily and safely,’ explains Albertje Breitsma, implementation manager at Minddistrict. ‘Group discussions are also possible. This is handy if, for example, there’s more than one care provider. We hope that the message feature helps to really make e-mail or whatsapp communications with clients a thing of the past.’

Combination with Social Support Network

‘Group messages are even more interesting in combination with the Social Support Network,’ Albertje points out. Clients can invite relatives through the Social Support Network (SSN) and add them to conversations. Albertje: ‘That means that, as a care provider, you can also involve parents, children or partners in a treatment. This creates a direct line between relatives and the professional. Imagine what this can do for a treatment journey!’

The power of temptation: involved in recovery

Thijs de Boer, product lead at Minddistrict, is also happy. ‘With the app, we've made communicating so much easier. We expect the app will be used more often now. And that’s exactly the intention: this way, people return to the place where they can work on their treatment or counselling on a very regular basis.’ Because in the app people can choose and follow self-help modules. It is also possible to keep a diary of your choice. ‘The more often you return, the more you integrate care into your daily life.’

Messages, self-help, diaries and guided modules all in 1 app

As from January 2018, all Minddistrict users can also follow modules in the app, guided by their care provider. Thijs: ‘The messaging feature will make a real difference: the feedback from your care provider you receive regularly in your guided module is also an app conversation. After receiving the feedback, you can continue to talk straight away.’

Group conversations with the social support network

Social Support Network: sharing the personal route in messages

The next step, after guided modules, will be sharing components from a module with a friend from your social support network. ‘Think of a video that very clearly explains your feelings. Or an exercise you need some help with. In this case too, you communicate in messages,’ Thijs explains. This allows for exchange, acknowledgement and recognition to form. ‘All this contributes to recovery.’

‘The strength of the app is the combination of its features’

Albertje: ‘A safe messaging app for healthcare may not seem that spectacular. We’ve already become very used to mobile communication. But the strength of the Minddistrict app is the combination of its features: the value of the message feature as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’

Messaging functionality Minddistrict ehealth app


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