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Assertiveness diary

This online diary supports practicing to be more assertive

Being assertive can be helpful in many ways, for example in helping to gain a better life-work balance, or to help increase as person's self-esteem. Being more assertiveness is something you can train, and this mobile diary helps a person to practice. The aim of this diary is to evaluate the effect of practising with assertiveness skills by evaluating situations in which a person practised with them. This will help to gain insight into what works and why.

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In short

  • Adults, youth
  • Diary
  • Suitable for the app

How can you use this diary?

This is diary is useful for all people who are practicing with assertiveness skills as part of their therapy or coaching. The diary can be combined with modules in which assertiveness is a topic, for example modules like work-stress, in which people learn to say no, or build your self-esteem.

Mobile first

This assertiveness diary is perfect to use in the Minddistrict mobile app. It can however also be used on other devices and on the web platform. Care providers can configure the amount of notifications for this diary.

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