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Feeling lonely during the Coronavirus crisis

Supporting those experiencing loneliness during isolation

More and more people will need help with feelings of loneliness during the Coronavirus pandemic, especially whilst being asked to adhere to social distancing restrictions, staying at home more and not visiting loved ones. If you're a therapy provider or counselling service and are seeing patients who are feeling lonely during this time, this online self-help module can offer them extra support.

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In short

  • Adults
  • Self-help
  • Suitable for the app

Who is it for?

This module can be used by any of your clients who may benefit from extra support dealing with feeling lonely during the pandemic that they can work on in their own time, outside of any one-to-one counselling sessions they may already be having with your service.

What is the module about?

This module provides information about loneliness. Where does it come from? What are symptoms of loneliness? And in what situations do people feel lonely? Tips to reduce loneliness are given in two separate parts:

  1. Staying in touch with others and ways of deepening bonds with loved ones during the Coronavirus crisis. This includes video calling, helping others and undertaking online activities.
  2. Feeling better on your own, by learning to become your own best friend, distracting yourself and changing your thoughts.

The module emphasises that people should not be too hard on themselves - it is a difficult time for everyone and we all have to find out what works best for us.

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How is this module used?

‘Feeling lonely during the Coronavirus crisis' is a self-help module. Any of your clients that you set up with a Minddistrict account can choose the module themselves from the self-help catalogue and work through it independently. You as therapists can also specfically assign this module to certain clients, and/or combine it with other relevant modules, such as 'Mentally strong during the Coronavirus crisis' or 'Stay home, stay fit'.

This is module is mobile compatible and can be used via the Minddistrict app or web platform.

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