Youth: Getting started with your thoughts

For whom is this module suitable?

The module is intended for young people (12 - 18 years old) who are bothered by negative thoughts and/or have emotional problems.

What's the content of the module?

The young person receives psycho-education, can watch videos by experts and peer leaders and can start working on exercises. There are exercises aimed at investigating your own thoughts. And there are exercises practicing thinking in a more helpful way.

What is the module based on?

Minddistrict develops content using the validated method 'intervention mapping', in which relevant literature, experts knowledge and user input are combined with knowledge of behavioural determinants (MoA's), behavioural change techniques (BCT's) and persuasive design. The psychological base of this module is CBT.

How can this module be used?

This module is ‘mobile first’ and can be completed entirely in the app or in a browser. The module can be used by general basic mental health care practitioners and assistant practitioners, either with or without feedback from an aid worker. If you choose to use the module without additional guidance, the submission moments will automatically serve as moments for reflection. Dealing with certain issues online will offer more time for in-depth discussion during face-to-face sessions.