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Online module to help develop a more mindful outlook on life

Who is the module for?

This module is suitable for adults who wish to develop a more mindful outlook on life. The Mindfulness module can be activated alongside other Minddistrict modules. For instance, the module can be a valuable addition to treatments focusing on depression, rumination or work stress.

What is the module about?

The module consists of 10 sessions, including an unguided ‘Welcome’ and an unguided ‘What is mindfulness?’ session. In the IAPT version of this module (‘IAPT Mindfulness’), eight Minimum Data Sets are interwoven throughout the module. Each session focuses on a milestone guiding patients to live with more awareness.

The milestones focus on different topics, for example: how to truly experience the here and now, how to let go of unhelpful thoughts and how to cultivate acceptance.

In each session patients get the chance to learn about mindfulness, read experiences shared by example patients and practice with mindfulness exercises. The patient is guided through most exercises with an audio fragment (e.g., the body scan, sitting meditations and a walking meditation). The exercises focus on stimulating awareness and acceptance of one’s thoughts and physical sensations. After completing the module, the patients will have developed skills and have access to tools to be more present in the here and now.

Overview of the sessions

  1. Welcome (unguided)
  2. What is mindfulness? (unguided)
  3. Turn your autopilot off
  4. Become aware of your experiences
  5. Living in the here and now
  6. How do you respond?
  7. What is acceptance?
  8. Thought’s aren’t facts
  9. Feel energised
  10. A future with mindfulness

Which diaries work well with this module?

The Mindfulness diary is designed to be used alongside this module. The module can also be combined with all generic diaries or with diaries that fit the goal of the client.

How has this module been developed?

The module has been developed in close co-operation with an expert panel of therapists and patients. The Minddistrict team familiarises itself with cutting-edge research and the most recent evidence-based practices. Relevant literature is taken into account during the development. If you would like to know more about this module, please contact the clinical lead responsible for e-health within your organisation or practice.

IAPT module

There is a version of this module available especially for IAPT-services. In this version the Minimum Data Set is interwoven throughout the module.