Rumination ABC diary

In this diary, you can fill in an ABC analysis. This technique helps you to learn more about your tendency to ruminate. It is called an 'ABC analysis' because it consists of the steps Activating event, Behaviour and Consequences. By discovering the A's you learn to recognise situations in which you start to ruminate. That way you can stop yourself before you start to ruminate. By discovering your B's you know what your rumination looks like and what you hope to achieve by it. By discovering your C's, you will learn that ruminating generally doesn't help. This will motivate you even more to kick the habit of rumination.

How can you use this diary?

This diary can be used by anyone who feels the negative effects of rumination and worrying and wants to stop. This diary works particularly well in combination with the module Rumination.

Mobile first

This Rumination ABC diary is perfect to use in the Minddistrict mobile app. It can however also be used on other devices and on the web platform. Care providers can configure the amount of notifications for this diary