Involve family members in a care pathway and create more understanding, faster recovery and less relapse.

Stimulate social support with our ehealth platform

By creating support, understanding and recognition among relatives of the client - also known as social support – we can shorten the route to recovery and reduce the chance of relapse. Unfortunately, due to busy agendas and large distances, involving the client's system can be a difficult task.

With the Minddistrict social support network, we make this a lot easier.

illustration social support network

Ehealth brings friends and family closer together

The social support network makes it possible to give family, friends, neighbours and other relatives a role within the secure Minddistrict platform. A son can, for instance, take part in his father’s intake interview by means of video. Or a healthcare professional can create a group conversation to obtain more information from the client’s network.

Do you want to gain a better insight in the possibilities? This blog provides more information.

Video sessions
Secure video calls can be made not just with care providers but also with a relative within the platform.
app conversations
A client can start a group conversation with several friends and the professional.