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We are eager to bring researchers together through the Global Research Network

The Global Research Network brings researchers together

The research base underlying ehealth and innovative digital solutions is progressively growing, with universities and other research institutions across the world keenly engaging in ehealth research. At Minddistrict, we support this research and we are eager to bring together researchers, healthcare institutions, innovators and students in our Global Research Network.

Global Research Network hero image

What is the Global Research Network?

What Minddistrict’s Global Research Network is all about:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise to strengthen and develop online interventions
  • Developing the next generation of smart, personalised and predictive online interventions to support behaviour change
  • Identifying potential partnerships for research and implementation
  • Promoting research on (cost) effectiveness, active ingredients and implementation of online interventions

By joining the Global Research Network, you will have instant access to development, dissemination and implementation knowledge, research facilities and possible research and implementation partners.

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