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Dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic and it's ongoing restrictions on people's daily lives have been a challenge to adjust to and live with for many people. Living with isolating restrictions for long periods of time can take it's toll both mentally and physically.

Self-help for those who need extra support

The effects of the pandemic can contribute to declining mental and physical health for some. Therefore, it is important that people get support in time.

To help combat these issues, we've created three online self-help, preventive modules that are designed to give people practical tools to help deal with issues stemming directly from living with the restrictions of the pandemic.

As a therapy provider or healthcare service, you can offer these online modules to your clients for extra support outside of any counselling sessions that you may already be conducting with them. The modules are unguided, meaning that people can work through them in their own time, whenever and wherever it suits them.

The modules

'Feeling lonely during the Coronavirus crisis' is aimed at anyone experiencing loneliness during this time, and gives advice on staying in touch with people and changing thought patterns. 'Mentally strong during the Coronavirus crisis' helps people to be more resilient and has practical tips for dealing with life during pandemic restrictions. Lastly, 'Stay home, stay fit' focuses on helping the user to stay physically fit and eat healthily whilst spending so much time at home.

Could these modules help your clients?

If you'd like to hear more about these modules or think your service and your clients could benefit from them, please get in touch with any questions. We'd be delighted to give you a demonstration of the Minddistrict platform, so that you can see the modules for yourself.