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Living a healthy lifestyle

Working towards living a healthier life is not only great for the body, but for the mind too. Whether it's eating habits, exercise or sleeping patterns, online modules can be helpful in motivating clients and keeping them on track.

Giving clients a helping hand

Making a lifestyle change isn't always easy - it can be a daunting task for people to get the motivation to take the first steps and to keep focused. Minddistrict offers online modules for topics such as eating healthier, exercising more and sleeping better.

Many of our healthy lifestyle modules are 'self-help' content, meaning that your clients can work on them in their own time, when it suits them. They can be assigned alongside other modules, for patients who you may be treating for other compliants, but whom would also benefit from content relating to changing a lifestyle habit.

Encouraging progress and motivation

As well as the main modules, our platform includes other digital tools that can help clients wanting to make a lifestyle change. Online diaries can help clients to gain insights into their patterns and progress. The action plans functionality helps the individual to set an achievable goal with moments for evaluation. Both of these features can be beneficial to keep clients motivated whilst working towards change.

Could these modules help your clients?

If you'd like to hear more about these modules or think your service and the patients you treat could benefit from them, please get in touch with any questions. We'd be delighted to give you a demonstration of the Minddistrict platform, so that you can see the modules for yourself.