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Self-help: Healthy eating habits

Lifestyle self-help training to help tackle eating habits

Self-help lifestyle training to help tackle eating habits

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In short

  • Adults
  • Self-help
  • Suitable for the app

For whom is this module suitable?

This self-help training is for people who would like to live a healthier lifestyle by tackling their eating habits.

What is the content of this module?

In this self-help training, clients will be given information and practical tips about healthy food and set goals that are important to them. There are five chapters for the client to work through. Video clips of others working on their lifestyle, infographics and exercises will guide them through the first steps towards more healthy eating habits.

How can you use this module?

This training is designed to be used as unguided self-help, where the client can work through the exercises on their own and at their own pace. There is a 'Food diary' that can be used in conjunction with this module. For clients who would first like to build the motivation that they need to change your lifestyle, they can also start with the 'Live a healthier life' module.

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