Learn to relax

Who is it for?

The module is suitable for all age groups. It is also suitable to be combined with other Minddistrict modules such as our ‘Self-esteem’ module.

What is the module learn to relax about?

The module is made up of 3 sessions. The sessions are designed to teach the client how to consistently use relaxation techniques to reduce stress levels and encourage a feeling of calmness. The client is able to learn these techniques using video and audio in the comfort of their own home. The client is encouraged to make a commitment to practicing these techniques daily, which will allow them to experience the positive effects of using relaxation techniques.

What are the sessions within the module?

  1. What’s been going on?
  2. Which relaxation technique suits you?
  3. Make relaxation part of your day

Which diaries work well with this module?

The Stress diary is a helpful diary to use alongside this module. The module can also be combined with all generic diaries or with diaries that fit the goal of the client.

How has this module been developed?

The module has been developed in close co-operation with an expert panel of therapists and patients. The Minddistrict team familiarises itself with cutting-edge research and the most recent evidence-based practices. Relevant literature is taken into account during the development. If you would like to know more about this module, please contact the clinical lead responsible for e-health within your organisation or practice.

IAPT module

There is a version of this module available especially for IAPT-services. In this version the Minimum Data Set is interwoven throughout the module.