Self-help: Finding your balance

This self-help training focuses on finding psychological balance through relaxation, mindfulness and activity.

finding you balance

For whom is this training suitable?

The module 'Finding your balance' is an intervention intended for anyone who wishes to gain more psychological balance in preparation for, during or after a difficult time.

What is the content of the training?

The module was developed in close collaboration with an expert panel of practitioners and patients. It consists of the following five sessions:

  1. Finding your balance: the patient examines where they stand when it comes to their workload and strengths in life.
  2. Relaxation: the patient becomes aware of the tension in his or her body by practising with a short mindfulness body scan. After that, the patient practises with a breathing exercise, progressive muscle relaxation and the relaxation response. All relaxation exercises are accompanied with both audio and video guides.
  3. Mindfulness: the patient is introduced to mindfulness through a doodle animation. He or she then practises with an extensive body scan, the raisin exercise and a sitting meditation with awareness for breathing.
  4. Stay active: the patient reads about the downward and upward spirals of activity. The patient considers fun and useful activities to set his or her upward spiral into motion.
  5. Take a look back: the patient considers where they stand and what they'd still like to work on.

Doodle animation video in which mindfulness is explained. Doodle animation video in which mindfulness is explained.

How do you use the training ‘Finding your balance’?

People can select this self-help training themselves from the catalogue to follow. Care providers can also choose to offer clients this training alongside other treatments. The training can be used in every stage of the care pathway, from prevention to aftercare.

Your feedback is welcome!

Minddistrict is eager to hear your opinion on the ‘Finding your balance’ self-help training. If you have any feedback, questions or tips, please send them to We look forward to hearing from you!