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Youth: Feel good about yourself

Youth module for building confidence and self-esteem

Module for youngsters from the age of 12 and up who have low self-esteem or a negative self-image

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In short

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What is this module about?

The module ‘Youth: Feel good about yourself!’ has been developed for youngsters from the age of 12 and up who have low self-esteem or a negative self-image. This module aims to:

  • Offer the youngster insight into their current self-image and level of self-esteem.
  • Motivate them to work towards a more realistic self-image.
  • Provide them with concrete tools and tips to build their self-esteem.

For whom is the module 'Youth: Feel good about yourself' suitable?

The module is suitable for youngsters from the age of 12 and up who have low self-esteem or a negative self-image. As a therapist, you can use the module for blended therapy, alternating face-to-face sessions with this online session. You can also choose to offer the session without guidance, allowing the youngster to follow the module independently. They can access the treatment platform in their own time on any device, e.g. PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Therapists can monitor the patient’s progress through the sessions and diary entries and provide feedback. As a therapist, you can tailor the module to your patient’s individual needs: for instance, by making a session unguided or adding or removing (optional) sessions.

What is the module based on?

The content of the module has been put together during an extensive development process and is based on relevant literature as well as the knowledge and experience of practitioners and patients.

Example of the page 'The power of a compliment' in ‘Youth: Feel good about yourself!’ Example of page in ‘Youth: Feel good about yourself!’

Which diary is part of the module 'Youth: Feel good about yourself'?

This module includes the ‘positive diary'. In this diary, the youngster can write about moments that made him or her feel proud, happy or satisfied. They also reflect on what they did to make this moment positive. Slowly but surely, focusing their attention on the positive will start to feel more natural.

Your feedback is welcome!

We are eager to hear your opinion on the ‘Youth: Feel good about yourself!’ module. If you have any feedback, questions or tips, please send them by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you! Do you want this module to be activated on your online platform? Then please contact your Minddistrict account manager.

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