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Youth: Social anxiety

Help for young people feeling anxious in social situations

Social anxiety is common among young people. That is why it is important that young people are given tools to deal with this social fear.

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In short

  • Youth
  • Module

Who is this module for?

This module is intended for young people aged between 12 and 18 who are suffering from symptoms of anxiety when in social situations.

What's the content of this module?

Three main issues are discussed:

  • Self-focused attention
  • Non-helpful thoughts
  • Avoidance and safety behaviour

All three of the above subjects are explained and exercises can be carried out. In this way, the idea is promoted that the young person has more externally focused attention, has more helping thoughts and reduces avoidance and safety behaviours.

How can this module be used?

Therapists and healthcare practitioners can assign this module to their clients and/or combine it with, for example, a diary or any of our other youth modules, such as 'Youth: Panic' and 'Youth: OCD'.

More information

If you'd like more information on this or any of our modules, please get in touch. If you're already a Minddistrict customer, get in touch with your account manager to have this module activated on your organisation's platform.

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