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IAPT services can empower clients to reach sustainable wellbeing

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IAPT services

IAPT services

With the modules and functionalities of Minddistrict, you can do more in the same amount of time.

IAPT services have to cope with significant caseloads. People can’t access services due to long waiting lists and often return or are discharged before they are fully recovered. Meanwhile, therapists have to deal with services pressure and meeting targets within tight deadlines. How can this be sustainable? Digitally-enabled therapy can help both clients and therapists to work together in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is also about working with your clients to be empowered to master their own mental health. This means facilitating entry to care and providing comprehensive care whilst in treatment, but also giving clients the confidence to continue to work on their wellbeing on their own after discharge. The Minddistrict platform offers you more tools to work with your clients. Benefits include: time gain, relapse prevention, better risk management and sustainable care and wellbeing.

Using ehealth in IAPT services

With the modules and functionalities of Minddistrict you can do more in the same amount of time, which makes it easier for you to keep on top of your workload whilst helping your clients to manage their own recovery. If your IAPT service chooses online self-referral, clients can access our welcome module straight away. Once engaged in therapy through IAPT, digital also makes it easier for the therapist to monitor and manage risk. After treatment, your clients have access to the platform for a whole year. This will support them in feeling autonomous and empowered, and also help in terms of relapse prevention and continuity of care.

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Relevant functionalities
  • Diaries


    Diaries are an effective tool to gain an insight into patterns and progress. A wide variety of diaries is available, so there is always a suitable one. Notifications remind patients to complete their diaries via the app.

  • Questionnaires


    Use questionnaires with your patients by simply adding them to their personal route. Results can be viewed instantly.

  • Training


    Patients with access to Minddistrict can select their own training programmes. These are modules with low-threshold self-help and prevention. A care provider can also prepare a training programme for a patient.

  • Video sessions

    Video sessions

    Video sessions are remote conversations which give you the complete 'face to face' experience. Video sessions are fully integrated into Minddistrict. Start a conversation or make a video appointment in one click.

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