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Everyone's different

Everyone has a personal route towards change

No one is the same which means the road to change is different for everyone.

Two people with the same diagnosis may experience their symptoms completely differently. The way in which they deal with it may also vary from person to person.

We believe that care has the biggest effect when it ties in with someone’s personal needs. Minddistrict makes it possible to adapt care to a person's learning style, motivation, the nature of the symptoms and the seriousness of the complaints.

Personal route

That's why we offer personal routes

Personal routes, in short:

  • Professionals and clients create the route together
  • Select clinical components from Minddistrict
  • Gradually adapt, expand or reduce the route

A personal route starts at a person's complaints or request for help

Sometimes, you use a personal route for self-help or to bridge a waiting list. At other times your route entails treatment, guidance or aftercare. Personal routes are suitable for the entire patient journey, from intake to recovery.

So what does it look like?

Clients use Minddistrict on their mobile phone

Clients use Minddistrict on their mobile phone

In the morning, Ralph completes a sleep diary. Later, he reads about thinking of positive events and he does a mindfulness exercise while on the go.

Professionals adapt components from the route and customise it

Professionals adapt components from the route and customise it

Ralph’s therapist gives him positive reinforcement. She adds relaxation exercises, because they may really benefit Ralph right now.

Family and friends can be part of the route

Family and friends can be part of the route

Ralph shares a few pages from his diary with a friend. His friend now understands Ralph better and will be able to support him. In his turn, Ralph finds it easier to ask his friend for help.

Want a demonstration?

Please contact us to find out about more

Can I customise the modules?

Yes, the modules are extremely flexible, which means they are easy to customise for the client. Examples include adding and removing sessions or supplementing them with a diary or plan. The Minddistrict Content Management System (CMS) also allows you to develop your own modules or diaries.

Create your own ehealth content in the CMS