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Professional services

  • Intervention development

    Intervention development

    Minddistrict has a team of specialist intervention developers who are able to develop specific, desired modules. Interventions are based on both the relevant research and literature, as well as the knowledge and experience of clients and experts from the area of activity.

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  • APIs


    Minddistrict actively supports organisations with the exchange of data with other parties in the field, thereby insuring that Minddistrict fits within the ICT architecture of your health service. The exchange can be achieved by means of an API. We have various live APIs, as well as a REST API.

  • Implementation support

    Implementation support

    A decisive factor in the success and the actual use of digitally enabled care within a health service is a proper start-up and guidance. Minddistrict supports health services that wish to start up or scale up digitally enabled care by means of Quickstart, training and personalised account management.

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  • Data security

    Data security

    We think it’s of the utmost importance that our product meets strict security requirements. Therefore, we use a range of measures in order to offer an extremely high level of protection. We store data of customers and clients in the data centres of Intermax, a specialist and ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 Type II and NEN 7510-certified hosting party.

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  • Escrow and continuity solution

    Escrow and continuity solution

    Minddistrict has arranged for escrow and continuity solutions with its partners NCC group and Intermax. Health services participating in this service can rely on the Minddistrict platform to remain operable in very extreme circumstances, such as insolvency, and even if Minddistrict were to disappear altogether.