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Software to provide online therapy for young people

Many young people struggle to deal with their emotions and can find it hard to get the right help they need. As the most tech-savvy age group, it should be an obvious choice to engage young people with treatment that can take place (partly or wholly) online.

Online healthcare options aren’t necessarily essential for all young people. But, with the use of online modules, diaries and messaging, there are many advantages of digital solutions to engage the younger generation, as well as their parents.

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Digital interventions for children

As a therapy provider or healthcare service, you can offer Minddistrict's online modules to young people in different care pathways, whether they need fully guided support at each step, or unguided self-help that they can complete in their own time.

The Minddistrict catalogue includes online interventions for different issues that young people face including social anxiety, dealing with emotions and coping with grief. We also have a rumination-focused cognitive behavioural therapy called MindReSolve, a proven, evidence-based digital intervention for reducing worry, rumination, stress, anxiety and depression in young people. The module was created and successfully tested for its effectiveness among students by the University of Exeter.

Help for parents

A young person and their complaints and problems do not stand alone - there is often a parent, guardian or carer involved who will be affected by a child’s problems. For that reason, with Minddistrict a parent can be involved in their child’s care - whether that’s by being able to participate in video calls or chat conversations with their child’s therapist, or by working through their own online modules aimed at helping them as well as their child in the recovery process.

The platform

Secure, customisable and user-friendly, the Minddistrict ehealth platform has an extensive catalogue of online interventions, diaries and self-help training, enabling healthcare services (including NHS Trusts), private practices and other care organisations to provide digitally-enabled therapy to their clients for mental and behavioural health, alongside their usual treatment offering.

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Could these modules help your clients?

If you'd like to hear more about these modules or think your service and the young people you work with could benefit from them, please get in touch with any questions. We'd be delighted to give you a demonstration of the Minddistrict platform, so that you can see the modules for yourself.

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