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Messages, group conversations and the mobile app

Sending messages, just a feature, right? Messages can have a great impact, though. Examples include sending a motivating message to your client, a substantive response to a diary. Or people can send you messages when they’re stuck on an exercise at home or if they’ve forgotten to ask you something during the consultation.

Minddistrict helps you to send messages fast and without any hassle. Clients can send and receive messages via the Minddistrict app.

group conversations

Conversations via Minddistrict are safe

Perhaps you were already used to communicating with clients via e-mail or WhatsApp. These systems are insufficiently secure. If you want to communicate but want to comply with privacy legislation as well, the message feature is ideal.

Securely sending messages to your client or colleague, or to several people at once. Very convenient in the case of group treatment but also when your client has invited relatives via social support and you want to reach all of them together. You can also send attachments. Read more about the app

conversation in app
Clients can send and receive messages via the app, also in group conversations.
Social Support Network
Clients can invite relatives to their platform and communicate with them safely via the app.