Focus on a clear implementation strategy

Successful ehealth implementation in 4 steps

Someone in an implementation workshop with lots of post-its

Ehealth works. We’ve read it in research, but we’ve also seen it practice. Organisations that get the most out of ehealth have one thing in common: they had a clear implementation strategy. More often than not guided by our specialists, using four steps.

One could see it as an unfinished cake, the first layer might be delicious, but no one will buy it. You need keep adding layers and place a cherry on top, to actually have people reach out and enjoy the taste.

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Make it happen: 4 steps towards full implementation

The first layer of a cake

Step 1: shaping your vision on ehealth

In over a decade of working in ehealth, there’s one thing we know for sure: an implementation will be troublesome without vision. Why are you doing this? At Minddistrict we strongly believe ehealth is not just an efficiency solution. Our platform improves the quality of care you can offer, while also increasing its reach.

We’ll organise a session aimed at shaping your vision and establishing KPI's, resulting in qualitative and quantitative ambitions - 1 year, 3 years and 5 years from now. We'll identify any potential barriers and figure out how they can be overcome.

The second layer of a cake

Step 2: mapping on the client journey

Whatever pathway your service provides, we'll support you in seeing how your vision affects both the client journey and your journey as professionals. What interventions, integrations, communication means and people are needed? And how will this affect your planning? We’ll design a roadmap for the coming year and make plans for the years to follow. All aiming to offer your clients a flawless healthcare experience. More on the client's journey can be found here.

The third layer of a cake

Step 3: building your ehealth platform

We'll then start building your own platform; designed to meet your needs. Next to the practical development, we will make sure all workflows and processes are in place. Who is locally responsible? Who takes care of logistics? And, very important, who is application manager? We’ll help you configure your platform, as well as visiting your organisation to train the key players in the ehealth team. In the end, the platform and your organisation are ready for launch.

The last element of a cake, a cherry

Step 4: inspiring your colleagues

In this step we'll make sure all participants are informed, instructed, motivated and above all - inspired. All who have to work with ehealth should see how it can help them and how much fun it can be. We support in the internal promotion and the accessibility of ehealth - this includes helping you decide how you communicate to your team about your new digital helping-hand, as well as increasing access by helping you to promote the platform to new and existing clients.

A dividing line

Some inspiring stories

We’ve interviewed a number of people in healthcare organisations, discussing their successful implementation trajectories. What elements are key while implementing ehealth. How can you keep the team motivated and focused? Find the interviews below.

‘Thanks to ehealth, clients are able to help themselves.’

All new Indigo Brabant customers are offered access to ehealth options. ‘Instead of asking people if they want to use it, we simply tell them we use it and explain why,’ Read the interview with Renske Visscher, director of Indigo Brabant on their successful ehealth implementation.

Working online is not an ‘optional extra’

‘At Mindfit, we focus on the service user, and it turns out that our users do want to do things online.’ Mindfit’s working method is: what could be done digitally, should be done digitally. Read the interview with Sabine Jansen telling all about the Mindfit ehealth platform.