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Training isn't just about using the tech; it starts with "why".

Training for a smooth implementation

Training is an important part of every ehealth implementation process. It's not just about gaining new knowledge, but also about motivation, inspiration and practicing new skills. Those are different for therapists than they are for directors. That's why our implementation method incorporates training for all different roles within an organisation.

An office meeting room where training is taking place

The trainings

Minddistrict offers the following training as part of our implementation method. Depending on your previous experience with ehealth and your goals, your organisation may not require all of our training sessions.

  • Vision workshop
  • Platform training
  • Application manager training
  • CMS training

Vision workshop

A successful implementation starts with a clear vision on ehealth. What is it the organisation wants to obtain in the long run? What does that mean for the short term goals? Which goals fit this vision? And which hurdles are there to take to get there? We help you form this vision in this training, based on the business canvas model.

The second part in the vision workshop is 'design': designing the client journey. What does your client's journey look like right now, and what do you envision? Together we create a design for a digitally supported client journey, in such a way it fits best with your patients and organisation. This training can be a combination of e-learning and face-to-face.

Platform training

We'll visit your organisation to get all of your relevant team members trained on how to use the Minddistrict platform. We'll give you a comprehensive demo, taking you through all of the functionalities and showing how to perform all of the every-day tasks you'll be using. If you'd prefer, this training can take place online.

Application Manager training

This training is an indispensable part of every implementation. The application manager is the person at your organisation who'll configure and control the ehealth platform, and therefore has an important role in the start-up of Minddistrict in the service. They are also the first point of contact for therapists and clients in case of technical problems or questions.

Whether the application manager works in a large organisation and manages several systems, or in a small health service and is the internal helpdesk: this training teaches them everything they might need in this role. This training is usually conducted in the form of an e-learning session, but can be tailored to what's best for you, including a face-to-face session.

CMS training

All those who will develop their own interventions in the Minddistrict content management system (CMS) first follow the CMS training. This can be an e-learning session or face-to-face and is not just focused on learning to use the CMS. Future intervention developers learn to develop effective and appealing interventions.

A laptop showing the Minddistrict content management system The Minddistrict CMS

Trainees think about ways to convey information, to actively involve people in the intervention, to divide large chunks of information into smaller steps and to incorporate rewarding elements that motivate people to take the next step. Writing in a user-friendly way and a solution-based manner is also part of the training. So everyone who wants to develop their own interventions has the right tools at the ready with with this training.

Interested in training? Talk to us!

Which training do you need? What fits in your organisation and implementation process? Or do you want to know what the costs are? Contact us, and we'll plan a call or meeting to help you get started.

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