Implementing ehealth: together we will make it happen!

Make it happen: the implementation method

We will support your organisation with the implementation of the platform and we will stay with you until you are ready to fly!

Choosing a digitally enabled care solution can be time-consuming for a health service or organisation. But the real work starts only thereafter: organising a proper start-up and scale-up of ehealth within the organisation. At Minddistrict, we have years of experience implementing ehealth, in a wide array of organisations and across multiple countries.

Let us support your implementation process in 5 simple steps:

1. Vision:

Let’s create your vision together and see the big picture: if anything was possible, what would your service look like? We work with clinical leads, professional and clients to identify goals, objectives, outcomes, explore potential blockers and identify the digital platform champion team.

2. Design:

We work with your organisation to design and personalise the pathways, the patient cohorts action and timeline of the project.

3. Build:

3..2..1 LAUNCH the platform! At this stage we customise and test the platform until you feel it fully meets your current needs.

4. Inspire:

We also provide training and workshops so all professionals are confident and motivated in using ehealth. In addition, we support marketing and communication plans.

5. Review:

We continue to support you: using progress reports and facilitating the improvement of your platform as well as starting envisioning your next steps, your next big idea, and we make it happen with you by going back to step 1!

Support services

In addition to the implementation method, we offer continuous service desk support and multiple trainings.

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