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Digitally-supported trauma care conference

Hosted by Minddistrict #MDdigitaltrauma

Minddistrict is hosting an international expert panel presentation on digitally-supported trauma care on Tuesday the 12th of December, at Minddistrict’s Amsterdam office.

Address: Jan Evertsenstraat 723, 1061 XZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Time: 2pm (Dutch time), 1pm (UK time).

The event will be live - streamed so it is possible to attend remotely. If you would like to attend please contact info@minddistrict.com. If you'd like to view the live stream, click the following link on YouTube.

Delegates will include healthcare providers and psychology experts. We are honoured to welcome to the panel:

  • Dr. Joe Ruzek, Professor at Palo Alto University, Managing Director of the US National Center for PTSD
  • Dr. Jürgen Gallinat, Professor at Universität Hamburg, Director of UKE Klinik


  • Next generation of digital interventions for trauma, Dr. Joe Ruzek
  • Next generation of digital interventions for trauma, Dr Jürgen Gallinat
  • Introduction of digital trauma network for developing countries, Dr. Joe Ruzek
  • Panel discussion

Follow the hashtag #MDdigitaltrauma on Twitter for more info. You can also email us at info@minddistrict.com.

We hope you can join us!