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Eva Papadopoulou becomes Clinical Director of Minddistrict

Eva Papadopoulou will move into the new role of Clinical Director as of 1 May 2022. She will work with colleagues internationally to strengthen evidence-based approaches and identify partnership opportunities.

Eva Papadopoulou

As part of Minddistrict’s continuing growth, the ehealth provider remains committed to innovating in digital mental health. Eva’s new role will be an integral part in this growing focus on influential partnerships and validation. She will oversee clinical research and create alignment regarding clinical activities in cross-functional teams, as well as continuing to oversee business for the UK market.

"I’m excited to work closer with Eva to streamline Minddistrict’s clinical efforts", says Rob Peters, Managing Director. "This new role will allow Eva to utilise her clinical skills and share her extensive knowledge with not only fellow team members, but potential and existing partners to realise their digital health vision. Appointing Eva in this role will help in setting up our clinical evaluation strategy and guarantee quality in the clinical evaluation steps for MDR and RCT activities under DiGA."

"It is essential that more people can access healthcare, especially at a time of such global uncertainties", says Eva. "I am very excited to collaborate closely with the Minddistrict international teams as well as continuing my focus on the UK market. I am passionate about evidence-based digital therapy that is also personalised and mirrors the experience of ‘the room’ as much as possible. Our customers and partners can expect to see us developing more unique partnerships, continue our evidence-based approach to treatment and continue to innovate and explore new pathways to healthcare."

Eva has been part of Minddistrict for the last five years and has been instrumental in strengthening the organisation’s presence in the UK market. Most recently she has fulfilled the role of Business Lead UK, bringing invaluable expertise to identify opportunities and cultivate strong relationships with partners and customers.