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Every step in the client's journey can be digitally supported

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Create a flexible integrated care pathway

At Minddistrict we work with a circle that symbolises the journey through healthcare. The circle captures every step in a client’s journey, making it possible to create a flexible integrated care pathway.

Minddistrict offers solutions in digitally enabled prevention, care and aftercare, supporting the entire client’s journey. Please join us and shape the future of integrated care.

Man seeking support

Support seeking behaviour

1 in 4 people in the UK are confronted with mental illness. What do people experience when in need of support? Learn more about seeking support >

Person finding access to healthcare

Access points

Only 1 in 3 people are getting the help they need. Why not make access to an integrated care pathway hassle free? Explore access point possibilities >

Create easy access to the minimum data set


Create easy access to the Minimum Data Set and learn how to increase the quality and speed of your screening process. Read more about digital screening >

Assessments play a vital role in integrated care


Gain time and, more importantly, client appreciation. How can you match assessments with the client’s needs? Discover how assessments can help >

A person skipping a waiting list

Waiting list

From over 28 days to 0, it can be done. Offer welcome modules or training and increase efficiency by going digital. Learn how to reduce waiting time >

A man following treatment supported by mobile


Ensure 30% more clinical time by offering homework assignments, psycho-education and diary registration online. Read about increasing clinical time >

Person finding access to healthcare


Prevent relapse using digital support, by engaging friends and family, creating an aftercare plan and offering self help. Discover digital aftercare >